Laurence Vansteenkiste

Laurence Vansteenkiste is your hostess in B&B Ter Wallen. She is a very energetic type of person who decided to follow her dream in 2018. She rented domain Ter Wallen in Izegem and set to work to start her B&B. After ten months of intensive conversion and renovation, the B&B officially opened its doors on 23 September 2019.

Laurence is a hostess who really enjoys her job. She welcomes her guests with a warm heart and she is dedicated to the good things in life. She makes sure that a pleasant atmosphere, homeliness and authenticity are the focus at Ter Wallen B&B.


Laurence has been keen on cooking, serving people and going out to eat since she was a child. She loves hospitality and likes to make the best effort for others. In her adolescent years she often worked in restaurants, bars and hotels as a student worker. These first experiences made Laurence realise how much she loved the hotel and catering business.

After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management in Bruges, she dreamt of having her own hotel and catering business. After her studies, she first gained extensive experience in the hotel sector and also worked for an importer of hotel and catering products. Four years after her studies, she had the opportunity to pursue her dream. She seized this opportunity with both hands. Ter Wallen B&B was born.