Ter Wallen Castle

The stately castle in Flemish Renaissance Revival style dates from 1906 and breathes history. Ter Wallen was built by Joseph Van Naemen on the exact place where homestead De Rodepoort had stood until then. The name Ter Wallen refers to the ramparts that once surrounded the farmstead.

The famous architect Walter Vercoutere provided the design. Together with his father (Jules Vercoutere) he was part of ‘Bureau Technique Vercoutere’ with head office in Ghent and a branch in Izegem. They mainly designed houses for wealthy citizens and industrialists, as well as industrial buildings.

The project developer

The project developer, Joseph van Naemen, came from a prosperous textile family in Sint-Niklaas. He was born there on 25 December 1871.

At the age of 33 (1904) he married Susanne Vanden Bogaerde. She was the daughter of Valère Vanden Bogaerde, landowner and mayor of Izegem. He was a professional industrialist and built the power station of Izegem in 1900.

Joseph Van Naemen was an important figure in Izegem. In 1907 he became a municipal councillor and in 1909 he became an alderman. He was active in numerous associations.

What happened next ...

Joseph and Susanne enjoyed Ter Wallen Castle for only four years. In 1910 Susanne died at a young age and Joseph was left alone. Three years later Joseph leaves Ter Wallen and returns to his home town.

He leased the castle to the Ursuline sisters of Blois and from then on private lessons were given there to children of the Izegem bourgeoisie. In the summer of 1917, the castle was converted into a military hospital for German soldiers who came back injured from the battlefield.

After the Second World War, the castle was sold to brush manufacturer Wybo from Izegem. He turned it into an occasional restaurant and all kinds of events were organised on the grounds. Former Flemish Prime Minister Geert Bourgeois also married on the castle grounds. At the beginning of 1985, the restaurant officially closed its doors and the castle was privately inhabited.